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Argivwy gives you unlimited time giveaways.

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You might have missed previous giveaways, but here you can find them still active.

The software provided here are certified virus free.

You can verify the archives with this website : Virustotal

We also provide other services

Streaming player

You can watch any video files you can find on the internet thanks to this service. Audio files are also supported. Link


You can find here some tools developed to help you concerning the archives or not Link

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Last posts

Sothink Bluray Copy

Sothink Bluray Copy Sothink Blu-ray Copy is all-inclusive Blu-ray copy software that copies any unprotected Blu-rays to blank Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD discs, or onto computer HDDs as ISO files or folders. It has 5 copy modes, F …

Protected Folder Pro

Protected Folder ProProtected Folder is designed to password-protect your folders and files from being seen, read or modified. It works like a safety box, just drag and drop the folders or files you want to hide or prote …

Scanitto Pro

Scanitto ProScanitto Pro is a simple, yet very powerful scanner software loaded with market-leading features. If you are looking for a fast and simple way to operate scanning software tool for creating digital co …


TerrafarmersUse advanced terraforming technology to revive a barren celestial wilderness! Watch in wide-eyed wonder as new plant life springs up from parched alien soil with a few clicks of your mouse, and learn …

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager

Vibosoft Android Mobile ManagerAndroid Mobile Manager is a powerful management software, which helps users to completely manage Android smart phone on computer. …

Advanced Date Time Calculator

Advanced Date Time CalculatorThis date and time calculator contains 5 main functions:

calculates the result time by adding/subtracting some years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds;
cal …

Elementary My Dear Majesty

Elementary My Dear MajestyThe king’s daughter has turned into a man-eating monster, and either you find the cure, or it’s off with your head in Elementary My Dear Majesty! Explore gorgeous 3D locations and solve cunning pu …

Super Ram

Super RamSuperRam efficiently manages the memory of your computer and makes it run faster. Due to RAM space get lower, your computer might run slowly and Windows might open programs into the Windows page file, …

Fill and Cross Royal Riddles

Fill and Cross Royal RiddlesSolve the king’s puzzles and gain access to his treasures! Solve 108 unique puzzles in 9 elegant locations in different corners of the royal castle. More than 4 hours of gameplay, atmospheric music, …

Aml Pages

Aml PagesAml Pages is a note organizer, which contains all your notes, passwords, web-pages URL-adresses and other information in a form of a tree, so you can easily and quickly find the data you need. The pro …

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German translator

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Want to know more? | a little about us

This project started in 2010 and grew more and more to become what it is now. On top of the simple website of archives, a lot of communities were created to understand how the restrictions work in order to bypass them. That is why we united to offer you most of the publishable giveaways.

Despite of this simple service, a lot of users wanted to save their own giveaways. We created therefore tools and published tips on how to do it.

Argivwy is today a new service that has been waiting for too long that intends to help you further than the simple archives.

We wish you a good tour and hope you will enjoy what we do.

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